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Clothing Recycling: How To Recycle Clothes in Australia ♻️

Recycling is something we're pretty passionate about, given that the majority of our fabrics are made from certified recycled fibres. We've recycled over 85,000 bottles to date, and can not wait until we get to the big six figure bottle mark!

But sustainability is an all encompassing kinda thing. Not only do you have to consider the raw materials, the manufacturing, freight and packaging, but also the end of life of the garment. After a garment has been worn (and loved) for many years, what should happen to it? (Hint: not end up in landfill is the right answer).

So to help us with our end of life recycling, we've partnered with Upparel an incredible Melbourne based company who are revolutionising the recycling industry for clothing and textiles.

But perhaps you're wondering why it's taken so long for us to get on the end of life recycling train for our clothes? Well, historically clothing and textile recycling has been complex, and it still is. We don't have the infrastructure set up within Australia to recycle fabrics like we do our plastics in the weekly garbage pick up.

It's also complicated further by the fact most fabrics aren't just made from one fibre, take our leggings for example, they're made from a recycled polyester (made from post consumer bottles) and blended with a spandex, which we need for the stretch. But to then recycle that fabric you need to separate the polyester and spandex in order to then recycle them, pending on the fibres this can be done chemically, or mechanically - and put simply, it is a very complex process.

So we couldn't have been more thrilled when Upparel began with their recycling process. This is such a win for the fashion industry (finally giving us a way to recycle unsaleable samples and faulties) and also for everyone as consumers to recycle clothing when it's worn out and past the point of being mended.

Find out more about Upparel and the incredible work they do here. And if you've got a pile of clothes that are worn out and no longer fit for wear, book your first clothing collection via Amble Outdoors for a nifty little discount to say thanks for doing your part and reducing your impact. Find out more about that over here