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We’ve done the hard work for you with all the sustainability stuff

From our fabrics to factories, packaging to freight. We’ve also got carbon neutral calculations and tree planting covered. We obsess over every tiny detail, and are constantly improving.

100% Responsibly Made Fabrics

We’re most well known for recycling bottles into fabrics, with over 31 bottles in every jacket we make. All the bottles are GRS post-consumer certified, with over 400,000 bottles recycled into our fabrics.

Ethically made

We’re proud to partner with skilled manufacturers around the world, with excellent ethical certifications helping us to create our collections.


🧵 Recycled & Organic Fabric

All of our fabrics are certified recycled or organic, predominantly using Global Recycle Standard (GRS) recycled polyester made from recycled post-consumer bottles for our jackets, in addition to using Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS) organic cotton. Our labels and tags are all recycled.


🤝 Manufacturing Partners

We’re proud to partner with our fabric mills and garments manufacturers who have fair labour practices, with BSCI, WRAP, SMETA and GOTS certifications, which we love to see when we go visit every year. All of our manufacturers adhere to ourCode of Conduct (based on the ILO Four Fundamental Freedoms principles) to ensure there is accountability, transparency and a standardised code across our supply chain.

We craft our fabric in Taiwan and our garments in China by a BSCI certified manufacturer, meaning they're audited by a third party to ensure they comply to local laws and we receive a detailed report with information about their compliance and working conditions.

We create our organic cotton in Tiruppur, India. Our manufacturer is outstanding for their policies for their employees, in addition to free training programs if they wish to upskill and lunch provided every day.


☁️ Carbon Offsetting

We calculate and offset the footprint of every product we make, with over 34,563kg of carbon offset to projects including wind farms, solar power and forest protection. 


🌳 One Tree Planted for Every Product

We've planted over 16,843 trees, helping with carbon sequestration and restoring forest, also creating employment for communities in need. 


🚢 Minimising Air Freight

We send the vast majority of our product via sea freight in order to reduce our carbon footprint. 


📗 Sustainability Report 

Read our most recent annualSustainability Report. We publish these for transparency with our achievements and accounability towards our goals. For earlier,  here’s our2020/2021 and2019/2020 reports.


📦 Compostable & Recyclable Packaging

We only use home-compostable, recycled and recyclable packaging, with carbon neutral shipping. 


🔧 Repairs

We repair faulty products when they ocassionally pop up, to ensure we’re extending the product life as long as possible.


♻️ Recycling at End of Life

When products have been worn beyond repair, we take them back and recycle them, saving them from landfill.


🌱 Vegan

Our entire range is animal free, not using any fabrics or trims made from animals or byproducts.