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Sustainable Gift Guide 🎁

This holiday season, we’re doing something a lil’ different to your “regular” gift guides. We’re inspired by women led businesses and brands doing their bit to make our world more sustainable. Sprinkle that with some outdoors love, and we have the ultimate sustainable gift guide for you.

So if you’re after a gift for your outdoorsy friends or someone who’s trying to have a little lighter footprint, read on!

1. Sunbutter SPF50 water resistant reef safe sunscreen

Sunbutter was created by marine biologist and conservation ecologist, Sacha Guggenheimer and Tom Hiney. We love that each sunscreen is packaged in recyclable and reusable tins. 

Sunsafe, reef safe AND plastic free? Yes please! 

For all your summer adventures, we love Sunbutter’s SPF50 water resistant reef safe sunscreen.

2. Wilsons Prom Print from Alex Hotchin 

Alex is an Australian illustrator and artist who creates intricate map illustrations from the incredible places she hikes and backpacks. 

Our fave? Alex’s illustrated map of Wilsons Promontory National Park in Victoria. 

3. Hipcamp Gift Card

If you haven’t heard of Hipcamp before, they’re perfect for all the camping lovers in your life.  Think Airbnb, but for campsites.

Hipcamp hooks up keen campers with farmers and property owners who make their land available for folks to camp on. 

TheHipcamp Gift Card is perfect for those who are looking for a last minute or experience focused gift. 

4. Elements Waterproof Jacket, Amble Outdoors

We would be remiss if we didn’t include our very own Elements Waterproof Jacket in our holiday gift guide. 

Being waterproof, windproof, breathable and sustainably made from 100% recycled fabric, we’re not sure what else you could need or want in a jacket. It’s perfect for adventures all year round, from rainy mountaintops to windy beach days walking your pup.

Our fave? The Elements Jacket in ournew colour, Eucalyptus perfect for the La Nina rain or packing for travel, being super lightweight (and folding down into its hood).

5. Donation to Tip to Toe

Erchana Murray-Bartlett might call herself the “crazy running girl”, but here at Amble HQ, we call her the “incredible running girl”. 

I mean, who else is running a marathon every day for 155 days from the “tip” of Australia (Cape York) all the way down to the “toe”, Melbourne?  Someone really incredible, that’s who!

Erchana’s aim? To raise $62,000 for The Wilderness Society. All funds raised go towards advocating and supporting our native wildlife. She’s run 110 marathons (in a row!) and counting so far, and is about ¾ of the way towards her fundraising goal, so for the perfect gift for the person who has everything - make a donation to ensure Australia’s native wildlife doesn’t become extinct.

You can learn more aboutTip to Toe and make a donation for the wildlife lover in your life. 

6. Sun On The Mountains print, Bigi Nagala

As a proud Bidjara woman and contemporary Aboriginal artist, Sheri Skele is the artist behind Bigi Nagala. Sheri paints under the nameBigi Nagala which means ' I am dreaming' in Bidjara. 

We especially love herSun on the Mountains print,which Sheri describes as “the profound soothing feeling we get watching the sunset on the mountains as nature’s charm will never fail to leave a smile on your face”. 

Sheri’s the incredibly talented artist behind the Rain print on ourElements Waterproof Jacket in Rain

7. Festive Spiced Hazelnut Bikkies from Two Good Co

Two Good Co create beautiful, high quality food and products and through their work they support, empower and employ women with lived experience of homelessness, domestic violence and complex trauma.

TheirFestive Spiced Hazelnut Bikkies might be the perfect snack during the holiday season; not only tasting good, but doing good with every bite. 

8. Great Mate Starter Kit from Great Wrap

Ever wanted to swap out your cling wrap for a more environmentally friendly alternative? Made from potato waste, Great Wrap makes a home compostable cling wrap.

Their Great Mate Starter Kit includes what we think is the most beautiful cling wrap dispenser in existence (honestly you have to check it out!). 

9. Pineapple Art Print from Izzy Lawrence

Izzy Lawrence is an Australian Illustrator and Animator living and working in Newcastle, Australia / Awabakal Country. 

You might recognize her artwork onthe Bloom print on our Elements Waterproof Jacket.

Our fave print from her online shop? Izzy’sPineapple Art Print,the most beautiful pineapple we’ve ever set our eyes on. 

10. Beach Forest print from Maloga Art

Shanai Kellet is a Yorta Yorta/Juru descendent and the contemporary Aboriginal Artist behindMaloga Art.

Our collaboration with Shanai was our first Artist collab, and you’ll probably recognise her Banksia Forest print on our Elements Waterproof Jacket.

We especially love her Beach Forest print which Shanai describes as highlighting “the everlasting abundant growth and survival of native and Indigenous plants”. 

11. Ultimate Walks and Hikes: Australia, written by Laura Waters

For the hiking lover in your life,Laura Water’s book, ‘Ultimate Walks and Hikes: Australia” is the perfect gift. 

Water’s book outlines over 40 hikes across Australia and is organised by state/territory. There’s even a section for city walks! 


So there you have it, our gift guide for women-led, Australian businesses making incredible moves in the sustainability and outdoor spaces. None of these are affiliate links, we just think there’s some pretty incredible businesses and individuals out there doing good.

We hope you shop sustainably this holiday season and have some epic plans for some Summer adventures and thank you so much for your continued support of Amble!