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Meet the Artist: Izzy Lawrence

Izzy Lawrence is an illustrator and animator living and working in Newcastle/Awabakal Country. We were lucky enough to collaborate with Izzy to create our Bloom print for the  Elements Waterproof Jacket. Seeing Izzy’s vibrant and playful design come to life has been super special, so we sat down with Izzy to pick her brain about her inspiration, design process and all the other fun, outdoorsy things she gets up to!

How did you become an artist?

“I’ve always been drawn to the visual arts and am fortunate to be part of a community that has always encouraged me to follow this instinct. Art is a way for me to process and realise all my intangible, dreamy ideas and feelings.”

Who inspires you as an artist?

“Artists like Hilma AF Klint and Bowie who created bravely in their own way really inspire me. The people around me everyday who are learning, leaping and creating have always been very inspiring too.”

We love that, it’s so nice when the people we surround ourselves with inspire us from day to day.

Tell us about your creative process. What is your favourite medium and how do you use it to create?

“I love working digitally because the artwork can be very flexible and adaptable. My background is in graphic design, so I often approach illustration with the design process in mind. This starts with iterations and getting as many ideas as possible out there to start with, then working through it all to find the bits and pieces that really compliment the job at hand.”

What was your inspiration when creating Bloom?

“Bloom was inspired by time spent walking through the Australian bush; layers of colour and soft shapes coming together like foliage underfoot or dense bush bursting with flowers.”


Does the outdoors inspire your creative work?

“Definitely! I’m particularly fascinated by the way light, shadow and colour exist in nature; from a sparkly glisten on the ocean to the different hues shifting and changing in a rustling tree.”

We can definitely see that inspiration coming through in the final design, with the end product being inspired by where we’ll be wearing our jackets. 

What do you love about the outdoors? Do you have a favourite outdoor activity?

“Being outdoors keeps me calm, peaceful and happy. When I’m not working I like to be outside, frolicking in the ocean, learning to surf, strolling through the bush, or finishing a crossword with friends in the park.”

Everyone needs a little RNR to keep that good old work-life balance, and it sounds like Izzy’s got the right idea. 

What do you hope to convey through your art?

“I hope my art brings joy and lightness.”

What advice would you give to your younger self?

“Keep making, thinking and trying. Pay attention to what comes naturally and have unwavering trust in yourself! Surround yourself with people who make life feel warm and full of possibility.”

We love that advice! Follow Izzy to stay updated with her work and see how the final product turned out in the Elements Jacket.