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Amble's Sustainability Report 2022

We've finished calculating our impact for Amble's third Sustainability Report and we couldn't be more proud about our progress, our goals and our transparency.  As it’s incredibly important to be transparent about our evolving sustainability goals.

Continual progress is so important, especially as we grow as a business because our impact is (slowly) becoming larger and we’ve got (slightly) more resources to accomplish more as a business.

We also hope that it motivates our community to think more about the impact of their clothing, to think about who made their clothes, using what materials, and what type of businesses they’re choosing to support.



  • 210,667 bottles recycled
  • Traced our full supply chain
  • Carbon footprint calculations
  • 12,080 trees planted



The vast majority of environmental impact from clothing comes up at material stage (with Patagonia calculating that 86% of their emissions come from here), which is why it’s so important to prioritise more sustainable fibres rather than virgin or conventional synthetic fabrics, that are derived from oil.

From day one we’ve been committed to using sustainable materials, using only recycled and organic fibres to create our collections. Our primary fabric is a recycled polyester, made from recycled PET bottles, with over 30 bottles recycled into every jacket we make. In the past 18 months we’ve recycled 210,667 bottles into our fabrics, far surpassing our goal of 100,000 and bringing our total number of bottles recycled up to 384,202.

Carbon Offsetting

One of our largest goals in our last Sustainability Report was to begin to measure our impact in creating our collections.

We’re so happy to say that not only have we mapped out our entire supply chain, not just to include our fabric mills and garment manufacturers, but also to include all the way back to the raw fibre, and then custom calculate the footprint of each and every product, which is then offset.


Whilst we've always worked directly with our garment manufacturers, and some fabric mills,we now have transparency over all stages in our supply chain, including our raw materials/fibres, and the many finishing, printing and other steps involved along the way of creating our products.

Tree Planting

We’ve continued planting trees in partnership with Eden Reforestation Projects (which is above and beyond our carbon offsetting). We’d committed to planting one tree for every order, and in the past 18 months planted 12,080 trees, which created over 120 paid work days for communities which we couldn’t be more proud of, bringing our total number of trees planted up to 15,231 trees planted.


In our last Sustainability Report we were aiming to reduce our air freight to 25%, we actually sent 22.6% by Air freight and 77.4% by Sea freight, which was a huge improvement on previous years.


Keep Reading?

Read the full report here.

We’d love to say thank you to you, our community for continuing to support Amble as none of this would be possible without your support.